Sunday, January 30, 2011

Replica Juicy Couture Bags amd Wallets + My Opinion on Replicas

My aunt knows how much I desire a Juicy Couture Bag. Unfortunately I can't afford one. She wanted to get me one for Christmas but it was a bit out of her range. So instead she bought me some replicas. I was pleasantly surprised to unwrap these.

I must say, just looking at them they are some impressive replicas. The bags feel to be a bit flimsy in quality, but again, they are replicas. On the other hand, the wallets are of impressive quality and seem to be sturdy.

Each bag was $36 and each wallet was $14 
The site she purchased them off of has since shut down but they were as legit as they could have been considering the business.They accepted Paypal and offered free shipping with a $100 purchase.

The weight of the replica bags is much much lighter than my authentic one which is to be expected because the fake ones are not real leather.

Personally I don't mind replicas. As long as A) your not paying anywhere near retail for it and B) you don't go around saying it's real. It also angers me when someone tries to pass off a replica as the real thing. There are many online guides on how to tell for yourself. I recommended doing research before buying online.
I do have a real Juicy bag which i bought very used off ebay for $40.
In the future, I may do a blog on how to tell the difference between a real Juicy bag and a Fake one.

For now here's some pictures of the replicas bags.