Who I Am..... A Mini Bio

I'm Stephanie. I like Penguins. I really do. I live in Bronx,  New York.
I was born March 16th, 1995 at 8:48 A.M.
I go to Benjamin N. Cardozo High School in Queens, New York and I'm currently a sophomore.
I suffer from and am clinically diagnosed with social anxiety and depression so you could call me "shy".
I also severely suffer with my weight. It bothers me when I see skinny girls complain about how "fat" they are. I will never be their definition of fat
I want to be beautiful.
I just started using makeup. 
And on my budget I can't afford any "high end" brands. 
So most of my post will be about discount makeup.
If you don't like then you can send me some MAC or NARS :P

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