Sunday, February 13, 2011

$1.00 Haul Dollar Tree & K-mart (mostly nail polishes)

Today my mom went to K-mart to pick up some stuff she needed. I decided to tag along and pick up some stuff that I..."needed".
I may have over did it on the nail polish....but nail polish is my favorite beauty item. You paint it on and it stays for a few days, rather than something like eyeshadow where you put it on one day and take it off in a few hours. 
First we went to the dollar tree, cause it was closing first.
I picked up these makeup remover wipes. I thought 40 for a dollar was a good prices, even if they suck. I plan on cutting them in half. 
 So 80 wipes for a dollar was to good to pass up.
Next I got some basic hair accessories, cause I love me some hair accessories. :D And I always lose/break (I blame my careless nature and super thick stubborn ethnic hair) my hair scrunchies so I wanted to buy some.
Then I got some nail remover stuff. know... I bought lots of nail polish and stuff! Haha. These are a dollar pretty much everywhere...but I decided to pick some up anywho.

Next on to the nail polish.

I picked up 6 nail polishes from L.A. Colors. 1 was in older packaging, but the other 5 were in the fun Color Expression packaging. I love the names of these nail polish and the colors are to die for. Can't wait to try them!

Next we headed over to K-mart.

I was strolling through the makeup section when I saw the Wet N Wild section. Of course it caught my eye, but I was really in a spending mood, so i was about to walk away when I saw the nail polishes. The first thing that caught my eye were the dollar price tag. I picked up a glitter purple type color, just to read the name.  It was called Hannah Pinktanan! I though that was so cute. So I proceded to read all the names. They were all fantastic. So  I bought all the ones I could find. Luckily there were only it didn't burn a major hole in my pocket

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  1. Just watched your video on this and headed over here to comment, have you been using the Wet N Wild polishes? Would love to know what you think of them after having time to use them. :D