Monday, May 16, 2011

Physcian's Formula Haul

How much makeup can I really get for under $20?
A whole lot actually! 
And this time I'm posting my haul before the sale actually ends ^-^
So what exactly did i get? And how much did it cost?

7 Powder Palette Blushes (10.99 x 8) = 76.93
6 Mineral Wear Correcting Primers (10.99 x 6) = 65.94
2 Happy Booster Blushes (11.99 x 2) = 23.98
1 Bamboo Wear Bronzer Silk Refill (9.99x1)= 9.99
1 Conceal Rx Physicians Strength Concealer (1x8.99)=8.99
1 Mineral Wear Correcting Concealer Trio (1x8.99)=8.99
1 Mineral Wear Correcting Concealer Trio (1x9.39)=9.39
1 Perfecting "Concealer 101"Duo (1x8.29)=8.29
Total: $212.50+ 8% NY sales tax= $229.50

How much did I pay? $4.30+$8.36(tax)= $12.66
Savings of over $200.00! Thats amazing!
Considering I didn't meet my $20 limit, I think I did pretty good.
Before the end of the week I must go back!

How'd I do it?
CVS has ALL the Physician's formula products on sale for $6.00. Combined with my printable (below of course) $5.00 off each item, this makes anything under $11.00 free.

  • You must pay tax!  However, the tax price is on the $6.00 off price, not the original.
  • The coupons DO scan.
  • You need a CVS card. It takes 3 seconds to sign up.
  • You may use as many coupons as you want but keep in mind that once your total (before tax) is under $5.00 you can not use another coupon. (Which is why my total was $4.30)
Click the image to enlarge and print.
Or the print PDF version(click)
(which i used because it seems to be a higher quality copy)

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