Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wet N' Wild Haulage!

Wet N' Wild Haulage!

This week's Deal:
Wet N Wild Buy one get one free.
Wet n Wild $3 UP rewards with $10 purchase.

How much makeup can I get for under $20.00?

First Visit

without sales: $9.90
B1G1:         -$4.95
                  +$0.45 tax
Total:         $5.40

Second Visit

without sales: $11.94
B1G1:        -$5.97
                 +$0.53 tax
Total:        $6.50
                        +$3.00 UP rewards
3rd Visit

without sales: $9.90
B1G1:         -$4.95
                        -$3.00 Up reward
                             -$1.00 Ad Perk Coupon
                 +$.08 tax
Total:         $1.03

Before Discount: $31.74
What I paid:     $12.94
My savings:      $18.80
But then.. I just couldn't resist going back. According to my receipt the "$5.00"  I spent counted towards the $10 for the up rewards.
My local rite aid had already closed (it was 10:45), but there's a 24 hour one nearby.
So I went and spent $5.00 more.

I had a one dollar coupon, $3.00 wet n wild up rewards, plus a $1.00 up reward from cat food.
12 wet n wild products.
My total $1.03

And then i got home and realized if I had bought $4.00 more in Wet n wild things I could have gotten even more free items! But by then it was 11:30
 And i was not leaving my house for anything.

Complete total? $18.97

Under $20 for almost 50 items!

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  1. Holy moly your the queen of saving and deals! This haul will keep you going till the end of the year. I love everything you chose, great colours :D